About Us

About EachDayKart®

Eachdaykart is an Indian Multi Store online Marketplace and E-Commerce technology company based in Hyderabad, India. This company is under the control of parent company Eachdaykart Global Pvt Ltd which focuses on e-commerce and artificial intelligence. The company has been referred to as "one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in India," as well as India's most trusted brand.

EachDayKart was founded on July 1, 2014, in Hyderabad, India. The company started as an online marketplace for God's Kingdom books but expanded to sell electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. This website is one of the subsidiary units of EachDayKart Global Pvt Ltd.

About Founder

Mr. Rajeev Ch is a Post Graduate in Master of Business Administration from Andhra University (AU) Visakhapatnam, AP. Mr. Rajeev worked as a Professor of MBA Dept from JNTU Hyderabad before starting EACHDAY ENTERPRISE and later incorporating it as Eachdaykart Global Pvt Ltd.

EachDayKart® is a Registered Trade Mark Retail Brand owned by EachDayKart Global Pvt Ltd (a Private Limited Company).

Our Mission

EachDayKart was started with the sole objective of starting a Global online e-commerce business to sell and service customers across the globe, putting emphasis on the quality of the products and delivering on time, as we always promise. Our mission is to become the most reliable and preferred online marketplace for consumers across the globe, offering a vast range of quality products and world-class customer service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where people can shop online with confidence and ease, knowing that they are getting high-quality products at affordable prices, delivered right to their doorstep.

Product Quality

EachDayKart® addresses the major challenges faced by consumers across the globe today while purchasing online. To address these challenges faced by consumers, we have realized the importance and need to start eachdaykart.com, which will serve exclusively Indian Consumers, and eachdaykart.com, which will serve consumers worldwide. Our websites and the structure of our entire business are built around focusing on a selection of quality products, price, secure and easy payment processes, cash on delivery payment, packing, logistics, and world-class customer service. We source the products from our worldwide verified suppliers to ensure the quality of the products.

Company incorporation

EachDayKart Global Private Limited Company is registered under the Companies Act, 2021 and has been assigned a unique CIN (Corporate Identification Number) of U52599TG21PTC156323. This CIN is used to identify the company and its legal entities in all official correspondence and transactions.

In addition, the EachDayKart brand is a registered trademark and its application number is 5280818. The brand name is protected by law and its usage is only permitted to authorized entities. EachDayKart Global Pvt Ltd is the sole owner of the brand and has the exclusive rights to use it in its business activities.

The company takes pride in its adherence to all legal requirements and regulations, and maintains the highest standards of corporate governance. This ensures transparency in all business operations and instills confidence among stakeholders. EachDayKart Global Pvt Ltd strives to be a responsible corporate citizen and contributes to the society through various CSR initiatives.

With a strong foundation and a committed team, EachDayKart Global Pvt Ltd aims to continue its growth trajectory and achieve its vision of becoming a leading e-commerce player in India and across the globe.

The Significance of Eachdaykart Brand Name

The brand name Eachdaykart holds a significant meaning for the company and its customers. It is a combination of the words "Each Day" and "Kart", where "Each Day" refers to the idea of making every day count and the importance of taking small steps towards achieving our goals every day. "Kart" represents the company's focus on providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience through its online marketplace.

The brand name has been registered as a trademark, with the application number 5280818. This ensures that the brand is protected and cannot be used by any other company without permission. The registration of the brand name reinforces the company's commitment to maintaining its reputation as a trusted and reliable online marketplace for its customers.

Eachdaykart has become a well-known and trusted brand in the e-commerce industry, with its focus on providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. The company has gained a loyal customer base, who trust the brand to deliver their orders on time and provide them with a hassle-free shopping experience.

The brand name has also become synonymous with innovation and technology, with the company's focus on using artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to improve its operations and provide a personalized shopping experience to its customers.

Overall, the brand name Eachdaykart represents the company's values of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. It has become a symbol of trust and reliability in the e-commerce industry, and the company strives to continue living up to its name and delivering on its promise of providing the best shopping experience to its customers each day.

Board of Directors

EachDayKart Global Pvt Ltd has two directors:

  • Mr. Rajeev Ch, who is the founder and CEO of EachDayKart, holds a Post Graduate degree in Master of Business Administration from Andhra University (AU) Visakhapatnam, AP, and worked as a Professor of MBA Dept from JNTU Hyderabad before starting Eachday Enterprise and incorporating it as Eachdaykart Global Pvt Ltd.
  • Ms. Sarah Bitra, who is a Nursing graduate and working as a Nurse Manager at a reputed hospital.