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IKEA HEMLAGAD 6-piece cookware set, black | IKEA Pots & sauce pans | Eachdaykart

IKEA HEMLAGAD 6-piece cookware set, black | IKEA Pots & sauce pans | Eachdaykart

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Cook like a pro with the IKEA HEMLAGAD 6-piece cookware set. This set features black pots and sauce pans that are made from highly durable materials and are designed to withstand years of regular use. The handles are ergonomically designed for secure and comfortable handling, and they provide an airtight seal to retain heat and flavor. Experience efficient and precise cooking with this cookware set.

  • Article number: 704.628.65
  • Designer: IKEA of Sweden
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Brand: IKEA
  • Fulfillment by: Eachdaykart


Made from aluminium, which spreads heat evenly and energy efficiently, and makes it easier to regulate heat so the food does not burn and stick.
Comfortable handles make the cookware easy to lift.
The pan has extra thick walls and base, which distribute the heat evenly and give good cooking results.
The pan has two spouts and is therefore easy to use for both right- and left-handed cooks.
The lid to the 3-litre pot has a steam vent which reduces pressure so that food does not easily boil over.
With Teflon® Select, a hardwearing non-stick coating that allows cooking with little fat and makes cleaning easy.
The pan's low weight makes it easy to handle when filled with food.
Using the lid brings the contents of the pot to a boil faster, so that you can save time, energy and money while lowering your environmental impact.
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