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IKEA VARLDENS Travel tote bag, black | Travel bags | IKEA Bags | Eachdaykart

IKEA VARLDENS Travel tote bag, black | Travel bags | IKEA Bags | Eachdaykart

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  • Size : 28x12x44 cm/16 l (11x4 ¾x17 ¼ "/4 gallon)
  • Designer : IKEA of Sweden
  • Country of Origin : Vietnam
  • Article Number : 504.879.18

You can carry this tote bag both on your back and in your hand. Made of recycled polyester and has pockets that hold a computer and all those personal things you need while spending your day on the go.


  • Spacious bag with a zipper and many compartments.
  • Inside the bag there is 1 separate compartment that holds a 13” laptop/tablet and 2 open compartments where you can have things that you want to access quickly.
  • In the 2 open compartments on the outside you can store small things that you want close at hand.
  • The bag can be carried as a backpack, on the shoulder or in the hand.
  • Your keys never end up at the bottom of the bag since you can attach them to the key chain in the bag’s outer pocket.
  • The striped key chain on the front is removable – smart if you want to use it for your own keys or attach it to another bag.
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