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They're Going To Love You by Meg Howrey

They're Going To Love You by Meg Howrey

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A luminous chronicle of betrayal, sacrifice and creative ambition'
The Observer

'Lush and enjoyable. a glossy, fast-paced family drama'
The Times

'My idea of a perfect book'
Jami Attenberg

'By the book's close, readers will be clamouring for an extra curtain call'

Once a year, ballet-obsessed Carlisle Martin spends a few precious weeks with her father Robert and his partner James at their enchanted apartment in Greenwich Village. Time spent with them is impossibly glamorous, filled with art, dance, beauty, books, and grown-ups who take her seriously as they battle the AIDs crisis and

Then, one summer, a devastating betrayal sees her exiled from their world.

Now in her 40s, Carlisle has forged a successful career as a choreographer, and hasn't seen Robert or James in nearly twenty years, when James calls to summon her to her dying father's bedside.

They're Going to Love You, with its masterfully revealed secret at its heart, asks what it takes to be an artist, and the price of forgiveness, of ambition, and of love.

'In this finger-trap puzzle of a plot, the pull of the past meets the pressures of the present'
New York Times

This gripping narrative delves into themes of disloyalty, selflessness, and determination. The review by The Observer refers to it as a "luminous chronicle" while The Times describes it as a "glossy, fast-paced family drama." Author Jami Attenberg has called it "my idea of a perfect book," and the Guardian states that "readers will crave for an extra curtain call" by the end. Once a year, Carlisle Martin, a passionate ballet enthusiast, spends time with her father, Robert, and his partner, James, in their magical apartment in New York City. The time spent with them is filled with beauty, culture, and adults who take her seriously as they tackle the AIDS epidemic. However, things take a turn when a heartbreaking betrayal forces Carlisle out of their world. Now, in her forties, she has made a name for herself as a successful choreographer, but has not seen Robert or James in nearly two decades.

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