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Kalai Kit (Tin Coating Kit For Cookware Utensils) | Brass Cookware

Kalai Kit (Tin Coating Kit For Cookware Utensils) | Brass Cookware

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Kalai, also called tin coating, is essential for all brass and copper cookware products.

It ensures that cooking in traditional metals is entirely safe and adds flavour to your food!

Just like our traditional utensils, the art of kalai also faded with time. We stand for transforming traditions into trends. Hence, we at P-TAL have brought back the lost art of kalai in a simple, easy and effective home kit for you!

The P-TAL Kalai kit contains the following:

  • Certified Tin, also known as Ranga
  • Ammonium chloride, which is also called Naushadar salt.
  • Heat resistant cotton
  • Pitambari cleaning powder
  • Holder or Pakad to hold the utensils
  • An instruction manual explaining the complete process of doing the kalai.

Steps to do kalai:

  1. Thoroughly wash the utensil inside out and wipe it dry.
  2. Put it on the stove and give it enough time to heat to the brim. You can check if it's heated to the brim by touching the tin on the brim and seeing if it's melting. 
  3. Once the utensil has been thoroughly heated, add the powdered ammonium chloride in the heated utensil. The fumes will immediately begin to rise. Touch the surface of the tin stick on the utensil and rub it using a heat-resistant cloth.
  4. Once you see that it's done evenly, put it under cold running water or inside a tub of cold water; this will lock the kalai on the surface.
  5. In case you notice that some part of the surface is left to be tinned, repeat the process, keeping that area primarily on the heat

Our kalai kit can easily help you with 10-15 usages of kalai/tin coating on your utensil!

Disclaimer: Keep away from children. It is advisable to wear a mask throughout the process to avoid inhalation of fumes.

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